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Here at CollabraSpace, knowledge sharing goes beyond the classroom and includes sharing our expertise with clients and partners through tech talks, extended learning, videos and more.

With our UX/UI Center of Excellence, CollabraSpace strives to bring our expertise and knowledge to everyone wanting to learn more about what makes UX/UI tick. Begin your journey into learning more about UX/UI by browsing and joining our upcoming events, reading our blog and accessing the additional resources below.

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Our Presenter

Lamar McAdory


Hello world, my name is Lamar. Frontend software developer here at CollabraSpace.

I’m a self taught developer and creative. I started my career as a System Engineer but that did not hold my attention. I was attracted to coding because it reminded me of a puzzle. With a physics background, understanding complex things wasn’t anything new to me. So I started reading every Java book I could find then decided that I needed my Masters in Computer Science to make me “official”. After doing some backend work for a while I started learning JavaScript after a coworker started showing  me all the things you could do with it. I played around with mobile app development but ultimately decided that User Interfaces was where I felt comfortable and haven’t looked back.

If you are interested in frontend development then continue on to the blog for how-tos, advice based on mistakes I’ve made, and maybe some tech talks.