Meet Our Business Lead

Roddy Mercado

Morale Enforcer aka Software Engineer






As developers, we are very lucky to seemingly have endless job opportunities readily available. Some might say that there is more development work than software developers to complete it. I believe that through our customer, given the national security focus, it’s one of those unique opportunities where you are not just building a product for profit. You are building the tools needed to protect our nation and its interests, as well as the individuals on the front lines. It is that sense of purpose and mission impact that uniquely motivates me everyday.

A few of my favorite things...

Block 1

TV Show

Growing up, 80s cartoons (Transformers, G.i.Joe, Thundercats, He-Man, Voltron, etc.). More recently, The Mandalorian on Disney+


Block 2


Nestle Crunch


Block 3

Favorite thing to do outside of work

Playing video games.


Block 4

Sports Team

Of all time? Jordan-era Chicago Bulls. But I follow and cheer for the local sports teams (Capitals, Nationals, Orioles, Wizards).


What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting their career?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Constants are rare. Project priorities will change, mission focus will shift, funding can vary. An individual’s ability to adapt to these changes and execute successfully is a true asset to any team. Also, soft skills are highly valued. In a landscape filled with highly skilled technical people, your ability to work with others and communicate effectively will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

If you could share one story about something or someone at CollabraSpace, what would it be?

I have to say that the one that resonates the most with me is when I was assisting with a relief effort for Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria struck the island. As soon as CollabraSpace found out, they immediately jumped in to assist. From helping organize and package goods for shipment, procuring generators for donations, coordinating the collection of donated goods, and so much more. From day one, I’ve felt that CollabraSpace always put their employees first, but this outpour of support went above and beyond all of my expectations. I will never forget it!