CollabraSuite is the most powerful web based real-time collaboration software platform available. Organizations can collaborate and share information like never before using crowd-sourcing technologies to dynamically create communities of interest. These dynamically created communities can collaborate using whiteboards, file sharing, instant messaging and web presentations – all in a secure, high performance solution that integrates into existing applications.


Why CollabraSuite?

Most employees are already busy with the current mix of systems that they need to use in order to do their work. Adding an additional system to their desktop does not necessarily help them. However, embedding a set of information sharing services into their existing applications removes that barrier. Now everyone who is online working with their business application is automatically connected to the information sharing environment. No additional apps; no additional logins. 


 Presence Awareness

See the availability of your team and interact with them no matter where you are in CollabraSuite.


Receive alerts based on your preference of following topics, people, or projects/tasks.

 Chat/Instant Messaging

Instantly start engaging in conversation with team mates across the platform for better collaboraastion.

 Multiple Room Environment

Designate rooms for specific areas of topic, project or use of any kind.


Integration APIs

Easily integrate CollabraSuite into in any part of your website.

 Audio/Video Conferencing

Use audio and video to present to your team from different site locations.

 Desktop Sharing

Share your desktop to collaborate ideas or give demos.

 File Management

Have repositories for each room and team member, making it easy to share or give access to files and documents. 

How to Purchase

How to Purchase

Contact a CollabraSpace sales representative to find out how your organization can start realizing the benefits of revolutionary collaboration.

Call 410.224.4343 or contact a representative by clicking link below.

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Contact Support

Our customers will tell you, there’s service and then there’s CollabraSpace service. Gain access to our latest downloads and team of technical support specialists, who are ready to answer your questions and resolve your issues.

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