Nov. 6th – CollabraSpace Viewing Party: All Day DevOps Conference

Interested in DevOps? Join the CollabraSpace Viewing Party: All Day DevOps Conference on November 6th!

All Day DevOps is an amazing online conference that has over 150 practioner-led sessions that cover 5 tracks of DevOps. The tracks include Continuous Integration/Continuous Development, Cultural Change, DevSecOps, Everything Cloud, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). Our viewing party will cover from 6AM to 6PM with multiple screens running each presentation and is open to all!

If you previously knew about ADDO and had planned/wanted to view some of the content or if this is all new information to you, we wanted to provide a location that was easily accessible during the day so you can pop over to watch the sessions that are of importance to you. You can stop by anytime that works best for you. Check out the schedule below and then select within registration which session(s) you are interested in watching live! 

View Schedule Here

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There will be snacks available throughout the day and breakfast, lunch and dinner provided!