May 4th Virtual Tech Talk: Scrum Patterns

Come join us, you will! Take off with CollabraSpace on May 4th at 4PM for an out of this world tech talk on Scrum Patterns presented by Jedi Scrum Master Leah Burman.

Using concepts from “A Scrum Book: The Spirit of the Game”, learn how to develop Jedi mind tricks to enhance and customize your Scrum practice using organizational building blocks, called patterns, that you can freely and flexibly choose from to fit your needs. We will discuss a handful of relevant Scrum PLoPs (Pattern Languages of Programs) and how to continue to learn about future patterns.  While the Scrum Guide provides the basics rules of Scrum, the patterns amplify the guide by showing teams how to solve problems in a specific context, especially in galaxies far, far away!  

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May the fourth be with you!