Getting to Know our Employees: Thankful


Blog 1 in a series of “Getting to Know Our Employees”.  We’re a company of techie’s but what we do doesn’t define who we are.  We have fabulous team members who each have their own interests, hobbies and view on life outside of CollabraSpace and we’d like to share our team with you. The first on our series is Robyn Humphrey, whose title at most companies would be Business Development, we call her the “Chief Connector”.  Enjoy!



This is the time of the year when I take some time to reflect. Reflection on my health and my family’s health, a good solid look at my quality of work/life balance, and an assessment of the year in review.  That retrospect has provided me with the knowledge that it is best to live in the now and focus on each day with an optimistic outlook; always doing the best that I can do.  It has taught me that nothing is guaranteed and that everything is subject to change (a very helpful view in the current business climate).

Ten years ago I started practicing yoga, mainly because I have been a competitive runner and had suffered many injuries.  This practice benefitted much more than my physical body, it transformed my entire life!  It provides a sense of balance both physically and emotionally to help ensure I maintain a positive quality of life.  It allows me to enjoy each moment, and both the good and bad days as they come.

That same sense of balance must run through your work life as well.  After over 25 years in technology sales – the last seven years focusing on the Intelligence Community, I came to CollabraSpace in April of 2013.  It has been a high point in my career to work at a company that views quality of life first, and integrity and hard work to their client a close second.  Even when chaos is apparent, as it is now in our industry, a solid team and holistic management chain can make your quality of life a joyful thing.  The privilege to work with the talented folks at CollabraSpace has made my job as a “client connector” quite easy.

This I know for sure:  focus on your health and that of your family, find a company and others who share your view on balance of life, do your job with as much joy and optimism as you can (even when times get tough).  Spread some light to those around you whether they are your co-workers, clients, family or friends.

Finally, take care of YOU.  There is nothing you can accomplish or help with that is more important than making sure that YOU are both happy & well.

Wishing you all a festive, healthy holiday season.

What corporate culture do you look for when trying to balance your quality of life?


Robyn Humphrey, Chief “Connector” at CollabraSpace