From Collaboration to Dynamic Collaboration: The Story Behind CollabraSpace


From Collaboration to Dynamic Collaboration: The Story Behind CollabraSpace

Technologies come and go, but it is our people and their commitment to learning, growing and solving difficult problems that endure. At CollabraSpace, our philosophy is simple: give great people superior support, encourage their collaboration through state of the art tools and frequent Technical Exchanges, and they will continue to lead the way. This helps explain why we have been selected by The Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Baltimore Region for a third year in a row, and are now in the Baltimore Magazine’s “Employers Hall of Fame.”

CollabraSpace founders Rick Havrilla, Chris Murphy and Ray Schwemmer recognized the benefits of collaboration early in their careers. By 1998, they wanted to share best practices, data and real world insights across programs, but existing technologies did not meet the need. Working nights and weekends, together they designed a set of Java based tools that enabled them to communicate in real time, share files and processes while meeting all security requirements. CollabraSuite was born, and as customers came to see how easily it integrated into their programs, CollabraSpace became a reality.


In the years that followed, the founders nurtured a collaborative culture to support their values. They picked their projects carefully, selecting work that was challenging, interesting and impactful. They made sure that as the team grew, new members would also be able to choose their programs. Building on the lessons learned from developing products and providing professional services, Ray and Rick wrote Dynamic Collaboration, and all of the founders continue to lead by imparting practical knowledge across the company.


While Java is still the lingua franca of most endeavors, current technical solutions go far beyond that. Covering a gambit of programs ranging from the Research and Development/Rapid Prototyping of emerging technologies to large-scale mission critical systems ranging from Information Assurance and Cyber Security to command and control and C4ISR, our expertise lies in:


  • Cloud Computing, Streams Processing, Big Data, and Virtualization
  • Software Engineering and Development and Systems Engineering, Architecture, Integration and Testing
  • Data visualization, Dashboards, and real-time metrics
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Operations Research, and Knowledge Extraction


Collaboration continues to be essential to our culture. It allows us to bridge knowledge gaps, team with our partners, and ultimately further our customers’ missions.

Now that you know more about us and how we work together, we want to know: What does collaboration mean to your organization? The most innovative responses will receive a free signed copy of Dynamic Collaboration .

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