Dynamic Collaboration


Ray Schwemmer, President/CEO and a co-founder of CollabraSpace, and Rick Havrilla, Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of CollabraSpace, have written a book that shows how leaders can harness the power of Web 2.0 and use it to tap into the collective intelligence of their organization.

Dynamic Collaboration: How to Share Information, Solve Problems, and Increase Productivity Without Compromising Security offers practical advice to help you answer questions like these:

  • What tools does your organization need to help facilitate collaboration?
  • How do you ensure that your personnel will use those tools?
  • How can you protect your privileged information from unauthorized users?

Based on their years of experience helping organizations of all kinds–both private enterprises and government agencies–Ray Schwemmer and Rick Havrilla offer practical advice to help readers choose the right tools to facilitate collaboration and integrate them into the existing tools that employees are already using so that there is a seamless transition between working independently and working collaboratively.

Dynamic Collaboration will be available October 2011.

Visit http://www.dynamic-collaboration-book.com/ for updates.