Make a Life, not just a Living!

Enjoy doing more of the things you love.

Each member of our team is valued and was specifically chosen to be a part of the CollabraSpace team so we each should have the same amount of time for all the fun things we do away from work! All employees accrue Paid Time Off (PTO), which may be used for vacation, sick, holidays and or other days not worked for personal or family reasons. Accrual begins with your first day on the job. All full time employees are eligible to accrue up to 248 PTO hours per calendar year. And, because PTO is a bucket of time, it allows the flexibility to use your time as you see fit for vacations, holidays, sick time and personal days.

CollabraSpace contributes 5% to your 401K which is vested immediately!   Team members are eligible to participate in a 401k retirement plan or Roth plan on their first day of employment and you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our 401k representative who will help you understand our plan and assist you with investment choices if you desire.  You don’t have to do it alone.





100% Paid Health Insurance

Medical, Dental, and other ancillary benefit premiums are all paid 100% by the company for all levels of coverage and we’ve been doing that for over 20 years.  That’s right, we’ll cover you and your whole family for Medical and Dental.  And, it’s great coverage with a Health Savings Account so you can begin saving now for future medical expenses!


The Many OTHER Ways We <3 and Support Our Amazing Team!

Team Recognition.

The CollabraSpace Technical Excellence Award is issued to team members who have achieved technical excellence.  Its intent is to recognize those who take on Technical Leadership roles within the company or industry that increase or broaden our corporate image or education initiatives.

The Joni Award. It is fun but it’s really about doing a great job! The intent of the Joni award speaks to who we are as an organization. Issued annually to a team member who is committed to “Performing their normal amazing every day duties in a super awesome way!”


Agile Performance Management. 

Here’s one we don’t think many others are doing.  Why wait until the end of the year to be recognized for your great efforts?  Most of the programs we work on are Agile, why shouldn’t we be?  CollabraSpace’s Quick ChATS performance management program encourages team members and their leads to talk about what’s going on RIGHT NOW, how the company and their lead can help team members achieve their goals, and provide recognition when it happens rather than waiting until the end of the year!

Referral Bonuses.

Well, we don’t do much else the same way everybody else does so this shouldn’t be any different.  We do offer the traditional referral bonus to existing team members when their referral is hired but we also have some fun with it.  Each step of the referral process brings you benefits through our CollabraSpace Storefront.

CollabraSpace Storefront.

Every team member receives a gift certificate for CollabraSpace merchandise each year.  In addition team members can earn points to get even more CollabraSpace gear by just having fun!  Attend our Tech Talks, refer candidates, attend company functions or any number of other fun things can earn you points!

Spot Bonuses. 

It has always been our goal to recognize the outstanding work of our team.  Nothing makes us happier than providing bonuses to those receiving program and other valuable recognition.  The new Quick ChATS program helps ensure that those recognitions don’t wait until the end of the year!

Charitable Passions. 

If a team member is passionate about a charity we’ll do everything we can to support as well; from monetary donations, to silent auction items, to sponsorships or fundraising teams.  Our team and their family members have participated in 5K Fun Runs throughout the years, raised funds and donated time and items to support Puerto Rico, grew beards for men’s health and so much more!  Whether it’s to support a charity that one of our team members is passionate about or support industry organizations we’re always up for working up a sweat for charity!

Happy Hours, Team Outings and More.

It’s nice to get out once in a while and doing so with a great group of people who all share the same mission and support one another is just a plus.  Movies, breakout rooms, or team building at adventure parks and more traditional picnics and holiday parties make for lots of great team connections and time for family fun. 

Technical Training

We cover the costs of training up front!  And your time spent in training is covered by the company so no need to use your PTO.

Monthly Tech Talks. 

Join us each month for relaxed Technical Talks where questions and open discussions are always welcome.  Our team shares their experiences and insights with current and evolving technologies and discusses potential uses for your client.  It’s a no pressure environment where you can just come to learn.

Flex Time. 

As programs allow, CollabraSpace supports flex time!

Annual Picnic. 

Well, it’s just flat out family fun.  Always lots of fun stuff to do, great food and drink, and of course great company.