Upcoming Events

July 15th Lunch and Learn Series: Agile Roles and Responsibilities – Online Event! From 12PM-1PM.

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August 26th Lunch and Learn Series: Lessons Learned Scaling Agile – Online Event! From 12PM-1PM.

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September 26th What’s In Your Agile Suitcase?

1PM-3PM @ CollabraSpace HQ

Bring your kids, neighbors, significant other, friends and coworkers for a fun-filled afternoon of learning “What’s on the packing list for an agile journey?” Travel with us through this interactive workshop and learn our top packing tips for agilists. Choose Your Own Adventure as participants guide the direction of the conversation while we unzip our suitcases (seriously it’s a real suitcase) packed full of activities and items to help throughout your agile implementation. From teaching a class, to facilitating a retrospective, or coaching a planning event, you will leave the workshop with best practices and tips for various situations you may encounter along the agile highways and byways.

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Women in Agile Mid Atlantic Group is being formed now! Aligned with the Women in Agile, they launched the Women in Agile Mid Atlantic Group launched at the Women in Agile breakfast on October 4th, 2018 at the SAFe Summit Conference.

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