Agile Roles & Responsibilities | October 27th 2022 @ 12PM

Join CollabraSpace on October 27th at 12PM for a lunchtime Tech Talk on Agile Roles & Responsibilities presented by CollabraSpace team member Leah Burman.

Scrum Master, Product Owner, and team – oh my! Learn about Agile roles and discuss examples of high performing agile teams that were successful integrating traditional program roles – Program Manager, Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, IPT lead, SEIT – within Agile teams. For each role, learn the certifications available related to that role. 

This Tech Talk will be available for in person and virtual. 



2020 Scrum Guide Updates | April 9th 2021 @ 12PM

The 2020 Update to the Scrum Guide included several changes all scrum teams should be aware of. Join this tech talk for an overview of the changes in the 2020 Scrum Guide update, along with more detailed discussion around the most impactful changes, including the introduction of the Product Goal, general simplification of language, less prescriptive, and team changes.

Watch the recording here!

Video passcode: 4Aa3U@Qx