At CollabraSpace, we focus on not just doing Agile, but being Agile.  Our Software Engineers are masters in Agile development and leverage methodologies such as Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Scrum to deliver high value, quality solutions ranging from small in scope but high impact applications to enterprise wide mission applications.  Whether coaching a single agile team or enabling large scale transformations with over 20 teams, our years of experience applying Agile practices for government, military, and intelligence customers provides a broad set of best practices and practical application of Agile processes.

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Feb 8 Agile DevOps Tools

DevOps is a popular buzzword today, resulting in many tools and techniques to help teams move software from development into operation in a secure, iterative manner as quickly as possible.  We will discuss common DevOps tool suites in the areas of continuous integration, continuous deployment, and automated testing.  

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Women in Agile Mid Atlantic Group is being formed now! Aligned with the Women in Agile, we are launching the Women in Agile Mid Atlantic Group a the Women in Agile breakfast on October 4th at the SAFe Summit Conference.

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