CollabraSpace was selected as an Alliance for Workplace Excellence’s 2016 Workplace Excellence Award! The Workplace Excellence Award highlight businesses that promote professional fulfillment and personal wellness at work, at home, and in the community.

CollabraSpace was founded on a revolutionary idea – to transform disconnected business operations into real time collaborative environments that link people, processes, and data – instantly. Since then, we have evolved to keep up with the demands of our customers. Our areas of expertise have grown to include system and security administration, system, software, database and network engineering. Our engineering professionals are highly qualified with the experience to design, develop and implement solutions tailored to your needs. CollabraSpace has launched a new initiative, Operations Analytics and Optimization, which is dedicated to helping your business improve its decision making process through problem solving and data analysis.

Collaborate, Communicate, Integrate

Our focus remains to make it easier for people to communicate in their work environment. Our advanced collaboration software integrates people, data and processes in a single, secure and seamless environment, allowing our clients to realize greater efficiencies, greater savings, and greater access to intellectual assets than ever before. The release of CollabraSuite 7.1 provides alerts to notify users of changes in the collaborative environment. Added search capabilities allow users to not only find their own documents, but discover related information.

Trust the Best

CollabraSpace attracts and retains an incredibly talented group of software developers and engineers fluent in the latest development technologies. A majority of our personnel possess active security credentials. To encourage customer commitment, we employ a leadership philosophy that focuses on team work, self organization and personal development. As a result, we meet our customers’ needs exactly to their specifications.