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Data Science

The Data Science group is a new facet of CollabraSpace’s service portfolio. We are building a team of individuals who specialize in assisting businesses to improve their decision making processes with the application of quantitative techniques. Each member of the team works in the client’s environment, often sitting side by side with the client, to get a proper understanding of their unique needs and challenges. Like the multi-disciplinary Data Science field itself, our Data Science team members have broad experience across applied mathematics, computer science, and business intelligence.

Data Science services include:

• Predictive Analytics: understanding patterns, trends, and indicators using techniques from machine-learning and time-series analysis
• Graph Analytics: understanding massive, complex relationships using assorted algorithms from graph theory
• Operations Research: improving decision-making in systems under substantial constraints and trade-offs using techniques from mixed-integer and dynamic programming
• Large-scale computing: deploying analytics to large-scale computing environments like cloud-based and stream-based systems.