Jim Barnett

Jim served 33 years in the Navy beginning as a surface warfare office, SEAL, Swift Boat commander and then becoming a career cryptologist.  Twelve of those years were spent in the Pentagon on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations, the staff of the Secretary of the Air Force, with the J-3 in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and on the staff of the Secretary of Defense.  Later Jim worked on the Senate Intelligence Committee for seven years with a portfolio that included the NSA, NRO, SRO, Special Army, and other technical issues that came before the Committee.  Jim spent six years on the corporate staff of Northrop Grumman.  Now an independent consultant, Jim serves a diverse set of government and industry clients focused on National Security and Government Relations.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy and his Master of Science from Laverne University.  Jim has had several papers published on issues relevant to National Security done on the Senate Intelligence Committee that were released over Members signatures.  As well as parts of seven annual authorization and appropriation Senate Intelligence Committee reports and committee bills.

Jim and his wife reside in Maryland and share 3 grown children and 6 grand children.  They own a summer home in Minnesota on a lake and they spend their summers enjoying all the aspects of lake life.  They own 3 boats and a strong growth potential for a fourth.